Assasi makes hip-hop fusing the best of Arab music with diverse sounds from around the world. Emerging from Aleppo, Syria’s most ancient city and cultural capital, he traded his school uniform and basketball shoes for an unwavering commitment to hip-hop. Like so many young Syrian creatives during the civil war, Assasi landed in Beirut for a few years before hardening borders drove him to India, Nepal, Malaysia, and finally the United States. Hip-hop remained Assasi’s anchor through it all. His newest project, “Third World Wide,” reflects this global journey as well as the friends, influences, and lessons he picked up along the way.

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Favorite concert attended?

Tech N9ne back in 2018 at Boston House of Blues

What are you looking forward to most at Summerville Solstice?
Experience the festival for the first time, meet new people and introduce my culture through my music to new people, connect with other artists!

You can only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what is it?

Distant Relatives by Damian Marley and Nas

What is your favorite summer memory?
Gathering with family and going for a summer vacation back home in Syria!

Dessert go-to?


Summerville Solstice

The earth is once again awakening and summer is almost here! Please join us in celebrating summer, gathering, and reviving our beautiful live music scene on June 25, 2022 for Summerville Solstice. This Outdoor Festival will consist of two parts: Family Fun time-time and Adult Fun time-time. We ask that you come out and support your local musicians, vendors, and restaurants. There will be food, bar, live music, and community celebration.

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Festival Details

Doors open at 12PM with a set for kids by Matt Heaton, followed by 8 original bands. People of all ages can come discover local vendors and local musicians. Children 13 and under are free with an accompanying guardian. There is a bar where we provide non alchoholic options. Families are encouraged to attend the afternoon portion of the festival, which is more child appropriate than the evening portion.

In addition to the music, vendors will be selling art, clothes, records and more!
Lightweight folding chairs are allowed, please be mindful of not sitting in dancing space or blocking walkways.

Dogs are well loved and not encouraged. We know your dog is well behaved, but we prefer you not bring them. Please show us pictures, we really love dogs.

This event is entirely outside, but Covid is not over. We ask that if you are not vaccinated that you please wear a mask when you are close to other people.

This is an all ages event. Rain date 6/26/22.