Black Helicopter

Boston’s Black Helicopter rides a fine line between mechanical, grinding, cyclical rhythms and sparse, yet intricate, airy psych-outs with addicting pop melodies embedded within. The songs are a natural evolution of their Boston post-punk roots from previous bands (Green Magnet School, Kudgel, UXO, Whitey). Guitarist and lead vocalist Tim Shea erects sturdy narrative windows into the depths of the doldrums of sad sacks everywhere. His vocals provide a brooding tongue-in-cheek compliment to the band’s sprawling songscapes, which are traversed by rugged guitar exploration. Anchoring it all with bombast and raw determination, Aarne Victorini and Matt Nicholas lay on down the slabs to hold it all up. Black Helicopter has previous releases on Ecstatic Peace, Tracktor 7, Limited Appeal and Geldor Reords.

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Black Helicopter

Favorite concert attended?

Touch and Go 25th Anniversary – 2006

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at Summerville Solstice?

Seeing Tigerman Woah and rocking outdoors hoping we don’t get booed again by the train workers across the tracks 😂

You can only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what is it?

One album?? That’s SO hard and a bit unfair – I’ll say Urgh! A Music War because 38 tracks and tons of bands.

Dessert go-to?
Gotta go with ice cream, us new englanders go all year round with it!


Summerville Solstice

The earth is once again awakening and summer is almost here! Please join us in celebrating summer, gathering, and reviving our beautiful live music scene on June 25, 2022 for Summerville Solstice. This Outdoor Festival will consist of two parts: Family Fun time-time and Adult Fun time-time. We ask that you come out and support your local musicians, vendors, and restaurants. There will be food, bar, live music, and community celebration.

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Festival Details

Doors open at 12PM with a set for kids by Matt Heaton, followed by 8 original bands. People of all ages can come discover local vendors and local musicians. Children 13 and under are free with an accompanying guardian. There is a bar where we provide non alchoholic options. Families are encouraged to attend the afternoon portion of the festival, which is more child appropriate than the evening portion.

In addition to the music, vendors will be selling art, clothes, records and more!
Lightweight folding chairs are allowed, please be mindful of not sitting in dancing space or blocking walkways.

Dogs are well loved and not encouraged. We know your dog is well behaved, but we prefer you not bring them. Please show us pictures, we really love dogs.

This event is entirely outside, but Covid is not over. We ask that if you are not vaccinated that you please wear a mask when you are close to other people.

This is an all ages event. Rain date 6/26/22.